Why Use Post Church Envelopes?

At Post Church Envelopes, we provide complete envelope services to help increase the value and ease of your church’s offerings.

As Canada’s largest and most established printer of church offertory envelopes, Post Church Envelopes has the expertise to meet your needs. We are here to help – whether you require generic envelopes, custom printed envelopes, tithing envelopes, stewardship envelopes, special collections, children’s envelopes, or quarterly/monthly envelopes. We also provide church recording supplies and official church receipt forms for all religious denominations.

Our guarantee to you is a quality product at a fair price.

  • Post Church Envelopes

    Established in 1936 as a division of Wilson & Wilson, we have a proud heritage and strong commitment to the communities we serve. We have enjoyed the loyalty of our customers through changing times. Our longevity has been possible because we have not forgotten that the needs of the church must be our needs.

    Post Church Envelopes celebrates the rich cultural mosaic of the diverse church communities we serve. We print church offering envelopes in many languages – English, French, Inuktitut, Cree, German, Ukrainian, Greek, Chinese, Korean and Polish, to name a few.

    We continue to expand our products and services. Post Church Envelopes international service includes offertory envelopes and church record keeping supplies for congregations throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean.

    During uncertain times it is essential that our church resources be managed judiciously so that we may meet the challenge of providing for the needy, both at home and around the world. We print church offering envelopes and supplies that satisfy the need for both quality and economy.

  • Embracing Green Technology

    During our 85 years we have witnessed many changes. The most significant in the past 20 years is environmental concerns. We have been committed for many years to making Post Church Envelopes a green workplace. We have replaced our old mechanical presses with new print  technology which no longer requires the harmful chemicals commonly used in the printing industry. Our envelopes are produced from recycled paper, and we weigh daily spoilage to ensure as little waste as possible. Our commitment to a green workplace is part of our commitment to a better world.

    green workplace

  • Our Location

    Proud History, Worldwide Service

    Post Church Envelopes is pleased to offer local, national and international delivery at an affordable price.

    Wilson & Wilson began as a newspaper publisher in Lindsay, Ontario in 1896, and established Post Church Envelopes in 1936. We are still printing envelopes in Lindsay, 75 years later. Our staff members are all full-time employees with a real commitment to both the company and the churches they serve.

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    We look forward to helping you share the joy of giving with your congregation.

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  • Post School Envelopes

    Post School Envelopes is a division of our company providing special envelopes to help improve home-to-school communications. Available in boxed sets, our school envelopes are used to help facilitate lunch programs, school projects, field trips and parent/teacher notes.

    Aside from connecting parents and teachers, our home-to-school envelopes are used by schools as a key fundraiser.

    To find our more about Post School Envelopes, click here.