Why Use Offering Envelopes?

  • NUMBERED offering envelopes maintain confidentiality and ensure weekly offerings are accurately recorded.
  • DATED offering envelopes remind us of the needs of the church, and encourage regular giving and attendance.
  • CUSTOM-PRINTED offering envelopes reflect the philosophy of the church and provide the opportunity to designate how the offering will be used.
  • WEEKLY offering envelopes allow parishioners to give in accordance with their changing circumstances.

  • Sizes, Specifications & Colours

    Whether ordering boxed sets, special collections, or bulk church envelopes, all Post Church Envelopes are available in the size and colours below.

    Large single-pocket offering envelopes

    • Offering envelopes measure 3 1/8” high x 6 5/16” wide
    • Easy to insert currency
    • Personal cheques may be inserted without folding

    Available Colours

    • White
    • Ivory
    • Blue
    • Canary Yellow
    • Maroon Floral Border
    • Green Floral Border
    • Purple Floral Border
  • Custom Design & Samples

    At Post Church Envelopes, we are happy to custom design your first order of church offering envelopes without charging any extra artwork fees. It’s part of the value-added service we provide to our customers. We can also number your weekly envelopes free of charge as long as the numbers are in sequence. Each weekly envelope in a boxed set can be printed with a designated boxed set number.

    This sample envelope artwork shows the flexibility we offer when creating your custom envelope design. You are able to include a special message, church crest, logo, typography style and your own copy/text content.

    custom design sample

  • Boxed Sets of Offering Envelopes

    Boxed Sets of Weekly Envelopes

    Boxed sets of 52 weekly church offering envelopes are an effective choice for the collection of offerings. An “initial offering” envelope is included at the front of each box. This envelope suggests that the envelope holder give a sum of money to help defray the cost of the boxed set.

    Each member of the congregation is provided with weekly envelopes imprinted with his/her unique number. The number allows for fast and accurate record keeping.

    Each weekly envelope in the set may be numbered and dated at no additional cost. The envelopes are dated for each Sunday of the year. “No dates” are also available, however, the dating feature is a valuable record-keeping tool and encourages weekly donations, even if attendance that week is not possible. For a small, added charge, you may have additional special collection envelopes inserted by date in each boxed set.

    Boxed Sets of Monthly Envelopes

    Post Church Envelopes also offers monthly sets of envelopes for those who don’t attend church regularly, but still want to make a contribution. These sets contain one envelope for each month, plus an initial offering envelope. They are a good choice for the seasonal attendance of “snowbirds”.

    Note: We also offer sets of special occasion envelopes, and  diocesan and national collections for those who do not use boxed sets of weekly envelopes.

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  • Special Collection Envelopes

    Post Church Envelopes provides special collection envelopes to meet the needs of your church.

    Common special collections include:

    Advent • All Souls • Anniversary • Ascension • Ash Wednesday • Benevolent • Building Fund • Catholic Missions in Canada • Cemetery • Christmas • Christmas Eve • CWL Membership • Development & Peace • Diocesan Missionary Works • Dues • Easter • Education of Priests • Epiphany • Evangelization of the Nations • Flowers for Easter • Flowers for Christmas • Fuel • Good Friday • Heat • Holy Land • Holy Thursday • Lent • Maintenance • Maundy Thursday • Native Sector • Needs of the Diocese • Needs of the Canadian Church • Needs of the Church in the Holy Land • New Years Eve • New Years • Papal Charities • Pope’s Pastoral Works • Pro-Life • Repairs • Self-Denial • Share Lent • Special Offering • Thanksgiving • St. Vincent de Paul • United Church Observer • Vocations • White Gift • World Mission Sunday

    Please Note

    • When ordered at the same time as your boxed sets of Post Church offering envelopes, we can insert the special collection envelopes into your boxed set orders by date.
    • To add attention to the special collection offerings they are usually printed on a coloured stock so they will stand out from your weekly envelopes.
    • Don’t see a particular “special” listed above? Just inquire. Send us the copy or text you want on the envelopes and we will set it up for you.

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  • Bulk Offering Envelopes

    Bulk offering envelopes are sold in increments of 500 envelopes. Bulk offering envelopes are used most often for visitor/pew envelopes or an unexpected need for fund raising.

    Please Note

    • We can provide you with generic offering envelopes in bulk for almost every special occasion. However, we recommend that you consider designing your own special envelopes.

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  • Sunday School Envelopes

    Bulk offering envelopes are sold in increments of 500 envelopes. Bulk offering envelopes are used most often for visitor/pew envelopes or an unexpected need for fund raising.

    Post Church Envelopes provides Sunday School offering envelopes or children’s envelopes that are simple, promote thoughtfulness, and offer children an opportunity every Sunday to share ways in which each of them can make a difference in the lives of others.

    Children’s Envelope Designs

    The simplicity of the first four designs below encourages children to think about their own ability to give, as well as consider the needs of others. You may select from our children’s envelope samples. We can also custom design a special children’s envelope for you using copy/text that you provide.

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